Episode 3

On the heels of launching his new service, CTO of Maple Daniel Cowgill sits down with Chris and Jeff to discuss the tech that went into launching a vertically integrated food delivery service.

The website is down

The financial district in Manhattan is the current delivery zone for Maple

Maple uses Go and MongoDB

Dan’s only prior restaurant experience

I don’t want to taco ‘bout it

Other food delivery companies are trying different spins on delivery. Sprig has surge pricing and Munchery delivers food cold

Casper delivers mattresses by bike messenger in New York City

Maple’s javascript frontend is using React and some Mithril internally

Deciding how to deliver their food in the most efficient way possible is more complex than just the travelling salesman problem

Maple ruled out using scala early on

Leaving node

Go doesn’t have generics

Nginx uses round-robin for load balancing by default

Maple is using Linode for now