Episode 2

Chris and Jeff are back from Montreal Canada where they attended PyCon 2015! This episode they are joined by two very special guests Mary Nagle and Karina Runziov, two software engineers in the industry.

We’re totally (not) live from PyCon 2015!

Our collective favorite, one of the keynotes by Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Guido van Rossum the founder of the Python programming language doesn’t really like keynote speeches

Ruby is really old

Does Guido do tickets?

Running Python without an OS

David Beazley talks about Python Concurrency and the crowd goes wild.

Mary tells us what happens when you type ‘python’ and press enter

Chris learns about the inner workings of python, and his mind is blown

Strange behaviors in Python and jumping into the C part of the interpreter

Hash functions, and the best ways to use them!

DOCKERIZE ALL THE THINGS! Demystifying the mysteries of docker

CoreOS and containers are fun!

An empty repository for our docker and ansible work

Python profiling for better optimizations, and how mongo and node are really fast

To Python, or not to Python. That is the question

Strace is pretty awesome, apparently.

pgcli is amazing

Mary loves standup, but only in Canada

Going to portland next year? Will Jeff do a talk? We shall see!